1] Why I invest in Samruddham Land?
Ans- Samruddham Land gives most convenience opportunity of investing in clear title land with easy installment.

2] What system works in Samruddham Land?
Ans:  Samruddham Land purchase agriculture lands, develops and sale it with easy installments. 

3] What is the status of land?
Ans: 100 % clear title, Town planning Non-Agriculture lands at prime location, fast developing area and agriculture lands for investment.

4] What is the zone of your land?
Ans:  We sales Town planning Non-Agriculture lands with sanctioned lay outs plots & clear title agriculture lands.

5] Why you sale land on installments?                                              
Ans:  People cannot purchase land with full cash because of high rates of land, but they can paying such huge amount by small installment & purchase the land with their own budget.

6] What is the security of our investment?
Ans:  We will make immediate sale deed after payment of 60% of total cost of the plots.

7] When will be completion process of 7/12?
Ans:  After full payment, we will complete registration process of your name in the 7/12 extract.

8] If we cancelled the booking, how much amount you will be deducting?
Ans:  For cancellation, you should give 90 days’ written notice with original receipt.
12.50 % amount will be deducted from total paid amount as service charge & balance amount will refund without any interest.

9] Whether you deducts amount from installment?
Ans: 12.50 % amount will be deducted from total paid amount, i.e. booking & EMI amount.

10] What is your installments system?
Ans:  We have many options for installments. You should give post dated cheques for installments.

11] Whether action about dishonor cheques?
Ans:  Booking will be cancelled by default on six dishonor cheques.

12] What is the security of our property after sale deed?
Ans: Service agreement will be done to keep your property well & good condition for six year with nominal yearly maintenance charges.

13] Whether provision of site seeing?
Ans: We will arrange service vehicle with nominal charges from Swargate bus stand.
Our Site coordinator will come with you for proper guidance.

14] When we will get possession of plots?
Ans: Ready possession for N.A. Plots, Three to five years for proposed N.A. Plots.

15] Which documents you will provide to us?
Ans: we will provide following documents,
1] Title Note / Search Report  
2] Recent 7/12 Extract
3] All Mutation Entries Related to 7/12 Extract
4] Town planning sanctioned lay outs.
5] Original Sale – Deed
6] N.A Order   

16] Are you providing home services for documentations?
Ans:-Yes, we are providing home services for documentations without any extra charges.